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Rihanna Sang Off Key About Consideration Once... Beyonce Has None

Rihanna Sang Off Key About Consideration Once... Beyonce Has None

The word inconsiderate is defined as, “Without due regard for the rights or feelings of others: acting without consideration; thoughtless; heedless.”

Today, my Beyoncé support group started buzzing with rumors of a tour. And the first words that escaped my mouth were, “This inconsiderate ass bitch.” Now, I would never disrespect the queen. However, I feel like it’s safe to label her as inconsiderate. Inconsiderate of everything. First, she KNOWS that we JUST paid rent. It’s the 5th of the month! I still haven’t recovered!

Moreover, a lot of us have undiagnosed anxiety. We don’t have the emotional strength to deal with a “glitch” from Ticket Master! The least that she could do is give us some clarity in a simple iOS press release or blog update. But since we know mama, we know that none of that will come. We shall sit and wait. And every time we swipe that poor ass debit card, we will think, “What if Beyoncé drops something right now and I’m out here spending money like she ain’t just have some nappy ass braids in while toting her laptop around Miami?”

It’s bad enough that she already limits her warnings for concerts to a window of 24 hours. And albums… we don’t even get a notice! All I’m asking is that our lives be taken into consideration. Is that too much to ask? We’re around here calling chase trying to stop payment on the light bills, transferring balances from one credit card to the next, and debating which bill can wait until next check.


With all of this going on, I hate to be the person that says “I told you so…” but… bitch, I told your ass this shit was coming! You better hope your church does a refund on your tithes!

Therefore be ye also ready.

Be great,
Afros and Ovaries
Use that tax money wisely


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