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I Can't Stand Light Tricks, Photoshop, or Kim Kardashian

I Can't Stand Light Tricks, Photoshop, or Kim Kardashian

Often I speak about the times when I was much more stupid than I am now. Those times weren’t long ago. During those times, my respectability politics where at an all time high and I was a part of the rape culture issue-- thank God for books and life experiences, right?

During that time, I looked at Kim Kardashian (I’m only typing that word once) with the most distaste and disgust over her past sexual endeavours. I could remember arguing that she deserved less respect simply because she had sexual partners in her past-- again, let us thank the man above for books and life experiences. Anyway, now that I’m older and a bit less stupid (I won’t say smart because that’s a lot to claim), I still don’t like the K-word and it has nothing to do with her “lack” of clothing or “excess” of sexual partners. I simply don’t like her, her light tricks, or photoshop because they make other women feel bad.

The K-word literally makes money based on the amount of followers, viewers, and likes she receives on social media and television shows. Despite what others may say or feel, this IS a job or “talent”. If it were easy, every chick that ended up on worldstar for sucking up her baby daddy would be a millionaire with a television show or clothing line. It’s not as easy as it would seem. That being said her brand is everything. Once ratings drop, followers get bored, or headlines get dry, that means less money for North and Saint. Which ultimately means that she or her family must pull the many publicity stunts to gain more traction. We’ve seen it happen for years. Someone gets married, divorced, pregnant, has a meltdown, or even has nudes “leaked”. No lie, these shenanigans can get annoying and boring quickly. There are only a handful of times I can see the K-word’s ass before it’s just a regular ol’ ass and I loose interest. With all of that being said, that’s still not the reason I don’t like the family or her.

I honestly don’t like her because, from the information that I have, she’s a dishonest person. I know what you’re thinking. “How can a person who is so transparent be dishonest?” Easy, the internet and technology. Using expert lighting tools, photo enhancements, and airbrushing, she’s able transform her body into what some would see as “perfect” while screaming “embrace your flaws”. This makes me sick. Due to her lack of honesty, she’s convinced other women that they must not be working hard enough in the gym or they’re eating too much at the dinner table. Before you call me a hater, let me explain in more depth.

As you all may know I’m a fan of the gym and the science behind the ways that the body works That being said, I understand what is naturally possible for the human body. Understanding that there are outliers and exceptions to the rules, there are simply certain things that the human body doesn’t do. However, this is not common knowledge and there are women that will starve themselves as a means of attaining a body like the K-word. And that’s not fair or “empowering”.

Recently, the K-word posted a semi-nude photograph on instagram. Of course there were several people yelling about her having children and needing to be ashamed of herself for posting such revealing images of herself. The usual. After posting the photo and seeing the negative comments, she conveniently published an open letter on International Women’s Day which detailed her intentions of posting the picture was to empower women and herself among some other bullshit that I don’t feel like typing. Basically, she let people know that she was grown and didn’t need to explain herself to anyone because she was cashing these checks and that’s all that matters.

Again, I have no problem with nudity. However, I find issue with someone claiming to “empower” women with lies. With magazine covers and the fashion industry telling women they need to be a size 2 in order to be worthy of beauty, we don’t need more lies that are meant to “empower” women. We need more women letting other women know that it’s okay to have stomach rolls when they sit down. More women need to know that it’s okay to have stretch marks and cellulite. More women need to know that it’s fine to have breast that don’t sit up “perfectly”. These are all things that will empower women to be comfortable in their skin and embrace their imperfections.

So, when the K-word continues to deny any sort of physical enhancements, visual altering, or retouching, it infuriates me. How can you claim to want to be a light illuminating the way for other women to embrace their bodies if you use all the light tricks, nip tucking, and photoshop before posting photos? This is not to say that every other woman is built like a bean bag under their clothing. There are women who look “runway” ready at all times. But the women that look “runway” ready are already represented heavily in the magazines, the fashion industry, and in pop culture. Besides, it’s safe to say that most women don’t look the way they would after a surgery, airbrushing, and the “skin smoothing” option on the photoshop application. There are women who simply don’t understand that these tools are used before her photographs are posted. Due to their ignorance, starving, smoothies, fit teas, or waist trainers all become a staple of their lifestyles-- a small piece of me dies every time I see a person pushing fit teas and waist trainers.   

And I know that she’s not the only person that does this. We’ve seen the leaked unedited photos of so many models, singers, and dancers. I find their shenanigans equally annoying. But because that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Mrs. West, it makes me not like her even more than others who engage in the photo editing and “no, this is all real” lifestyle. Amber Rose has admitted to using “lighting and filters” as a form of enhancing her instagram pictures. K. Michelle has also spoken freely about her fat transfer from her tummy into her butt and hips. This is the same with Draya Michelle. She notes that she regrets getting breast implants and plans to have her enhancements removed soon. This is honesty and it doesn’t hurt you or your brand. There is often shame attached to undergoing surgical enhancements, but we must stop shaming that as well. The end result of that sort of shaming are people who simply lie about their bodies and somehow convince people that natural breast should like like perfect cantaloupes sitting on a woman’s chest.

It’s easy to feel like you need to reduce your diet to a cube of cheese per day if you’re living your life comparing yourself to every single instagram model and celebrity. We need more women to be honest as a form of empowerment. Representation goes further than Black and White. People want to see people that look like them in several ways. That lets them know that it’s perfectly normal to be… normal-- and that’s true empowerment.

Once more, every single time that I use “the K-word”, I could replace the name with a plethora of instagram models and celebrities. I simply used the K-word because she was an easy option. We need more women to be honest, feel free to snapchat me a roll, or post them stretch marks on the gram. There’s some 14 year old girl out there that needs to know that it’s cool to be human and flawed.

Snapchat me them stretch marks if it’s… cool.

Be great,
Afros and Ovaries
Waiting to be called a hater

P.S. One of my favorite vloggers recently posted a video detailing how to "enhance" Instagram photographs using certain applications and tricks. If you're interested in figuring out how to fully engage in the foolery, be sure to check out here video HERE

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