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Voting Is Simply Choosing The Lesser of Two Evils

Voting Is Simply Choosing The Lesser of Two Evils

When I was in undergrad, my major was political science and legal studies. During those four years, I learned to truly understand my many civic duties. This is one reason why I really don’t mind getting the card in the mail that informs me about jury duty. I may bitch and moan about it, but at the end of the day it gives me a nerdy pleasure to do my “job” as a citizen. I share this same feeling with my right to vote. While it can be a pain, I do it and I leave the polling place with a big ass goofy smile on my face because in the words of my cousin, Waka Flaka, “voting cool.”

Because I am a nerd who actually enjoys going to vote and whatnot, I often will encourage those around me to do the same. I’ll send random texts to friends that read “Don’t forget to go and vote today!” Some will respond with a photo of ther “I voted” sticker and then some will go into a long ass speech on why voting is a waste of time because all politicians are liars and cheats. In most cases they will explain why they don’t want to simply choose between the lesser of two evils.

Yes, voting is simply selecting the person who is less evil than his or her opponent. While that is an extremely pessimistic way to view the voting process, I find that it’s best to be sour and honest with those kind of people.

Now that I have pointed out the truth about the voting process let me explain why it is important for us to choose which “lesser evil” we want. I live in the good ol’ state of Illinois. If you’re not familiar with my state and the pure chaos within the government right now, I’ll give you the TLDR. Basically, the people of Illinois have managed to elect a billionaire who refuses to pass a state budget, decided to end a college grant program for low income students, and still manages to hire his rich friends who don’t qualify for state government positions to run crucial programs. Needless to say, I’m ready for his term to expire or better, his impeachment-- either will do.

During the election period, his opponent was the sitting Governor of the state who was kinda sucky, but a better option for the people. He wasn’t the Messiah, but he damn sure wasn’t going to cut child care and education funds. In other words, he was aiight. With both options being lackluster, many people felt that their one vote didn’t matter. I even saw middle class people making statements like “I don’t get food stamps so it doesn’t matter who they elect for governor!” As if food stamps are the only concern or issue when choosing a leader for the state.

Fast forward to the situation now, those same people are bitching and moaning about the cost of child care or even protesting the closing of different Universities around the state. It perplexes me how people can’t understand that their vote may not be the vote that puts their next president in office, but it damn sure gives them the right to complain, picket,and protest without looking foolish. I didn’t vote for our current governor, I voted against him, and I get to sleep at night knowing that it wasn’t my lack of voting that placed him in office. I also didn’t vote for the idiot leader of Chicago, Rahm. I can post shady memes about him and Anita on facebook and not feel guilty about putting them in office. Those are just some of the “perks” of voting against the “greater of the two evils”.

Additionally, selecting the best of two crappy options often happens during elections. However, we must not give up and pass up the right to vote simply because you haven’t had a heart to heart and decided to name your first born after a candidate. The person that I have decided to give my vote to for the primaries isn’t THE answer to America’s problems. However, the candidate is the best option that is presented to me. When I sit down and think about the traits of a leader and the policies that would fit my life best, I select this candidate. It’s not perfect-- the perfect person would give me a million, untaxed dollars-- but it’s the best option.

We have been given the right to vote and that is one of the many ways that we are allowed to voice our opinions here in the states. The next leader of our nation will more than likely select the next Supreme Court Justice. With many major cases coming up, this is not the time to be passive on your right to vote. Also, keep in mind that just because your choice didn’t make it into office, it doesn’t make your vote less impactful. You did your job by voting and that’s all that matters. You can rest at night knowing that you tried to make a change.

As a Black woman, I’ve decided not to let the work of those who have come before me go to waste. Through the blood, sweat, and tears of someone on a picket line, I have the right to go vote in (or out) anyone that I want. I will not tell you who to vote for because I don’t know your needs. Some people feel as if planned parenthood needs to be defunded because of the abortion services that they provide. That’s their right. Some feel that it’s a basic human right to have access to health care and affordable education. These people must choose what candidate best fits their needs. Either way, don’t let anyone tell you that your right to vote doesn’t matter.

In my state, Illinois, March 15 is the the date for the primary elections and I am encouraging everyone to participate. Do some research on the candidates and go vote. There are lists of those who are on the ballot available on your state’s election website. Take about an hour and review the platforms of each candidate so that you can make sure you’re making an informed decision. It’s an hour out of your day that can potentially impact four years of your life. Don’t be lazy, take the damn hour and do it.

Happy voting, y’all.

Be great,
Afros and Ovaries

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