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How to Avoid Fuckboys... Fuckboy Repellent

How to Avoid Fuckboys... Fuckboy Repellent

For the purpose of this work the term fuckboy will be defined as such:
A hoe nigga, immature and will say/do whatever for personal benefit. Often lies and portrays him/herself as better or more important/successful than they really are. Tend to be hypebeasts, so they exploit trends for attention i.e. always trying to take "sexy" selfies in their fuckboy attire.

Also, it is import to note that fuckboys come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. No man or woman is exempt from being considered a fuckboy if he or she displays fuckboy traits.*

With that said… let’s get to it.

I have noticed an overwhelming amount of friends who consistently and undoubtedly attract fuckboys. After several times of attempting to console and comfort them with “Girl, he ain’t shit no way!”, I asked myself, what is she doing to attract these low life fuckboys? After some serious thought, I believe that I have found the reason that people attract fuckboys.

Fuckboys are everywhere and they are looking for someone to take advantage of and use. They can be found at the club, church, tinder, the grocery store… EVERYWHERE! It is your job to be aware that they are prowling this earth’s surface looking for their next victim. It is important to know these things to help you understand that a fuckboy is going to be a fuckboy and he will exist. Let’s focus on how to fight them off like a world class MMA fighter.
*For the purpose of flow and ease of reading, the examples used will be from my point of view as a heterosexual woman. However, don’t get it confused. There are plenty of fuck ass hoes out there scheming on good men making it hard for women like us. These examples can be flipped at anytime.

1.       Avoid dating/talking/being with fuckboys

It can be difficult to spot a fuckboy nowadays. In the world of Instagram filters and motivational tweets it can be trying to spot out the real from the fake. However, after a week of texting, lunch dates, and facetime, they will begin to show their true colors. These are what I like to call red flags; don’t ignore red flags! Now, a red flag doesn’t mean that you should put him on the block list just yet. The red flags simply means that you should proceed with great caution. While these red flags are still up, don’t believe shit he says. Check EVERYTHING! I’m just saying that blindly trusting someone while the red flags are up and waving is the easiest way to end up attached to a fuckboy. As my auntie Oprah says, When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

2.       Stop looking for someone to “Complete” you

From my experience, I’ve seen a bunch of people settle for fuckboys because they believe that the person “completes” them. I can tell you this much. I’m a whole person. I have my flaws, but I’m a whole person. Think of it like this... Sweet is good, great if you ask some people. Salty is good too. However, when you put those two flavors together, you have a sweet and salty combination that compliments each other in an awesome way! Moral of the story: look for someone who compliments you, not “completes” you.

Be great on your own. When you’re the entire shit and you know it, you won’t settle for Splenda because you know that you’re already sugar in the raw and it don’t get no better! You don’t have to deal with a liar, cheater, or a do-nothing type of person just for the sake of being “complete”. If you feel that you’re not complete yet, you don’t even need to be dating. Take some time to develop who you are and the things that you like. Work on YOU. Whatever “working on you” looks like… do it. If that means that you need to learn how to be alone, do that. If it means you need to learn how to respect yourself, do that. Even if it means you need to learn how to manage a relationship, do that. At the end of the day, you’ll be a better person for it. As my cousin Ru Paul says, If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else? Learn to love yourself and you’ll have too much love for self to allow someone to disrespect you or treat you like anything but a King/Queen.

3.       There are about 7 BILLION people in this world

My uncle, Gucci Mane, once said: Girls are like buses… miss one, next 15 one coming. In all of his wisdom he knew that, although the person in front of you might seem like they’re your only option, it’s not true. Once they leave, there is another person just waiting to pick you up. Honestly, sometimes these fuck boys can stand in the way of a great person that’s willing to do all of the little things that you like. But you’re so busy checking his phone bill to see if he’s been calling that bitch named Keisha or checking the mileage on his car to make sure he didn’t stop by his ex’s house to give that person another chance. The next time that you consider giving a fuckboy a chance, remember that there are 7 BILLION people out there. Of those 7 billion I’m sure there are some people willing to be honest, faithful, and true to you.

I hope that this helped someone today. In summary, run at the first sight of a fuckboy—don’t ignore those red flags. If you’ve already caught yourself a fuckboy, let go and work on yourself. If you just can’t let them go, remember that there are 7 billion people in this world. Life is too short to deal with these fuckboys and honestly you’re too beautiful to be stressing out over that number that keeps calling him in the middle of the night.

Be great,
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